Snow Miser SnowTalk HMI for the Global Chiller Control System

Zone 3 Controller

Current Access Level - Three

Security Notification and Organizational Warning (SNOW) Alert:

To reduce the impact of URL exposure or modification we have added a new mechanism to distribute changes to the URL (thanks to that minion that broke Zones 2+). Those of you with with access to Zone 4 should have received an encryption key. This key can be used to decrypt the URL for Zone 4. This allows us to securely communicate it to you without risk of unauthorized access.

To verify your key you can check the previous Zone 4 URL:

The new Zone 4 encrypted string is: 20d916c6c29ee54343e81ff1b14c1372650cbf19998f51b5c51bf66f49ec62184034a94fc9198fa9179849

Chiller for Zone 3: