Snow Miser SnowTalk HMI for the Global Chiller Control System

Zone 0 Controller

Current Access Level - Read Only

This system controls the cold zones of North America. Access to each zone is restricted by unique, unguessable URLs. Brute-forcing won't help you, and that means you BROTHER! So go AWAY!

Security Notification and Organizational Warning (SNOW) Alert:

Unlike my brother, my fridged minions (without freakish hair) didn't mess up and leak our URLs to search engines or have to block them from the search engines. There is no vulnerability to get to the next zone and you will not find a vulnerability here. Move along.

Those of you with proper access, the URL you need starts with the following:

If you are one of my minions trying to access a zone to which you do not have access, don't bother, there are 281.5 Trillion options. You will be caught, blocked, and exiled to some place warm, like Minnesota.

Chiller for Zone 0: